Who We Are

"The Great Catalogue of Handcrafts" is one of the biggest efforts to unify the different handicraftsmen around the world in a unique platform, where selling their products by a fair price is possible.



Textiles as the expression of the soul.


One of the most important products known in Chiapas and Mexico are their textiles. Garments woven in the different regions of the state of Chiapas are ways of preserving the past in the present. The colors, the forms and the techniques have been maintained in the different communities, passed down from generation to generation by the handicraft women.
A textile is not only the union of threads in beautiful shapes, but a symbol: resistance to the passage of time. 
The diversity of designs and fabrics used in each piece of garment made by local people from indigenous communities shows their traditionality, cosmovision and part of their identity, reflected in women and men's costume, despite the influence of actual fashion.


An extension of "Poxil Yu'un Balumil"


The "Great Catalogue of Handcrafts" is a extension of Proyecto Posh: Poxil Yu'un Balumil (The art as medicine for the world, in tzoltzil language). It is an open forum for independent artists of the literary, scenic, plastic, audiovisual and musical arts, who share diverse spaces in a festival with a duration of three days in a series of events for all public and non-profit.

It takes place every year in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas. Since 2008, more than 500 artistic projects integrated by nearly 2000 artists who have voluntarily arrived at this summit of cultural expression.

A brief:

·2008: « Proyecto posh » is created with the following categories: music, plastic and media arts, literature, urban art and drama

·2010:  The call is launched internationally; extreme sports and oral expression are integrated as two new categories.

·2015: Architecture and fashion design joined into the project. The last category has the goal to promote crafts (especially home-textil) and folk arts, in order to open spaces for diffusion and commerce.

·2018: International collaboration web-phase, with the aim of art promotion and global business.



Photos featured by:

Rafa Lugo